6.7.16 Kori and Trenton’s Engagement Photos

Well its been quite sometime since I’ve blogged.  Now, I have my own photo studio in Santa Monica and I can sit down and really focus.  So I wanted to start off my blogging with one of my favorite engagement sessions with Kori and Trenton.  I met Kori and Trenton through my friend Trish Mangold, who basically is my photo manager and hooks me up left and right with great people.  I had the pleasure of photographing Kori and Trenton Rhodes in Newport Beach.  We had a great afternoon.  They went paddleboarding, we went on their boat, Rhodes to Nowhere, and ended our day with some great portraits on the beach at sunset.  Afterwards, we all dined at Bandera where I had a delicious chicken.  Hopefully I can see these guys this summer.  They spent the winter in Aspen, so looking forward to seeing them soon.

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