5.3.17 Eli Maximilian Kadiyala

Here are some pictures of my amazing son Eli Maximilian Kadiyala. I love him so much and he is such a good boy.

6.7.16 Kori and Trenton’s Engagement Photos

Well its been quite sometime since I’ve blogged.  Now, I have my own photo studio in Santa Monica and I can sit down and really focus.  So I wanted to start off my blogging with one of my favorite engagement … Continue reading

11.30.14 A Rainbow in Venice

Today it rained in Venice California. I looked outside my window and saw the beautiful sapphire skies and the sun peaked through.  A rainbow appeared. Hope you like the pictures    

11.3.14 Getty Center in black and white

Today I photographed the Getty Center in Los Angeles.  I chose to just do black and white architectural shots.  Hope you enjoy the photos.

10.21.14 Viña Errazuriz – Wine Tasting in Chile

We went wine tasting in Chile at a wonderful winery called Errazuriz.  It was a beautiful and peaceful place to taste wine.  They aged their chardonnays in French Oak, which I found interesting.  Try the Don Maximus.  I loved taking … Continue reading